Here are links to my just about everything, it’s everything that you (never) wanted to know about me and all those ways that you can contact me, which I know you’re all dying to do, so go on, check them out….go on. Stop reading this and check them out. I swear they’re not all boring and containing pictures of my dog. Go on, you know you want to. Just stop reading this and click on a link….click on one. Now…..Fine, suit yourself, I’ll just get back to really important writerly things, *Opens new bottle of vodka and sings along to ‘Let it Go’ at top volume* What, oh no. It’s for…research, yes. Important writerly research…

Here lyeth my Twitter:

It’s great, and really informative and important and writerly and all that, I swear. It’s the only twitter you’ll ever have to follow, ever. It’s famous for such amazingly deep tweets as:


Here’s a link to my YouTube, because yes, now even you can stare at my ugly mug and be annoyed by my personality in another platform!

You get to see my beautiful face from all of these amazing angles. Highlights such as:


Here’s something more on topic, I have a Goodreads:

And an Instagram: 

Well, we’ve reached the end of the links. It was a beautiful journey that we went on together, but sadly, all journeys must end. *sob*.


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