Every Monday I post #WhatsOnMyDesk . This is week seven and I’m afraid there’s only three things on my desk today so we’re keeping it real simple.

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Every Monday I post What’s On My Desk.

This week, no series bible (shocker!) as I’ve finished my planning and I’m just working through the revisions based off the feedback from my first beta reader. I still have a few more so I’m holding off on calling it completely finished yet and ready to send off to an agent.

This week we have:

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Every Monday I post What’s On My Desk. It’s week five now of showing you guys my desk, and I’d like to think that my photography skills are slightly improving (they’re still pretty bad though, to be honest) but hey, improvement is improvement.

Today, my best friend has finally finished beta reading my novel for me, so I’m anxiously waiting to get her analysis back so I can get started on my new edits.

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