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#WhatsOnMyDesk 7

Every Monday I post #WhatsOnMyDesk . This is week seven and I’m afraid there’s only three things on my desk today so we’re keeping it real simple.


We have:

-My mom’s old sewing machine (I’ve been working on a few handmade Christmas presents lately and so the sewing machine has been in full use every other day.)

-My laptop (I’ve been trying to get a workable draft of a query letter and synopsis out but it’s proving harder than I thought! Who knew writing about yourself and your own work would be so difficult!)

-My date cube (one of my September goals is to remember to change it everyday)

-A sneak peak at the bottom of my inspiration pin board that hangs above my desk. You can see a Sims version of one of my characters, a floor plan of an important house in the series, a JKR meme I made, and a picture of Colin O’Donoghue (because he’s pretty).

So that’s it for this week. Let me know what’s on your desk today and I’ll see you next week for a hopefully more interesting desk!



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