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I think that a lot of writers (published or unpublished) spend a lot of time not writing, but pretending that we’re at least doing something related to it. This is my week in procrastination and NOT writing.

This week’s book:


Practical Magic- Alice Hoffman.

I’ve always adored the movie adaption and thought it criminal that I’ve never given the book a try. Although very different from the film, I’m loving this book so much.


This week’s Youtube:


Giovanna Fletcher (Giovannasworld)


I’ve been subscribed to her for a while, being a fan of her husband’s band (McFly) since I was a teenager, but it’s only really been these two past weeks that I’ve really sat down and watched her videos. She’s an author herself and as we all know, writers are like my rock stars. I like watching her videos, just her ordinary day to day life I quite like watching. This video is about becoming an author.


This Week in Pinterest:


I’ve been a bit organisation-mad lately and I’ve been pinning lots of pretty ways to keep things in order, like this bedside organizer.

Check out the board here


This week’s purchase:

Image result for billy and me book cover


Billy and Me book by Giovanna Fletcher.

Watching her videos has inspired me to give her books a try. I have to admit that I don’t read many books in this genre but I like the premise of this one.


This week’s writing tips:

Common Writing Fears (You're Not Crazy)



Read the article here on the Write Practice blog.

I really enjoyed this post. It addressed a lot of the fears that I myself had but had thought myself to be the only one thinking them. Just knowing that I’m not alone in those feelings that maybe I’m not a good writer after all, maybe I’m deluding myself, or maybe I’ll fail at it and then what would I do? This post made me feel better about myself and my writing so I definitely recommend it to any other writers feeling the fear.


So that’s pretty much my week of things. Let me know what your week looks like in the comments below.


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