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#WhatsOnMyDesk 6

Every Monday I post What’s On My Desk.

This week, no series bible (shocker!) as I’ve finished my planning and I’m just working through the revisions based off the feedback from my first beta reader. I still have a few more so I’m holding off on calling it completely finished yet and ready to send off to an agent.

This week we have:


-Date cube (one of my September goals is to be aware of each passing day so that they don’t all blur into one. I got this one when I lived in Cornwall and can’t yet decide if I want to decorate it or not.)

-Dean Winchester Funko Pop (He’s still here from last week. It feels oddly comforting to have a tiny Winchester with a demon killing knife protecting my desk)

-Assortment of candles (two of these were gifts from dear friends, and I just love the smell and look of burning candles)

-Scrunchies (I have a slight 90s obsession at the moment, and I am loving scrunchies. I haven’t worn one since I was around eight.)

-Red Solo Cup of pens


-Set of (faux) pearls that were my nan’s. I think they’re gorgeous and I’ve been trying to incorporate them into my outfits.)


So that’s about it. Let me know what’s on your desk this week in the comments below!


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