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#WhatsOnMyDesk 5

Every Monday I post What’s On My Desk. It’s week five now of showing you guys my desk, and I’d like to think that my photography skills are slightly improving (they’re still pretty bad though, to be honest) but hey, improvement is improvement.

Today, my best friend has finally finished beta reading my novel for me, so I’m anxiously waiting to get her analysis back so I can get started on my new edits.

desk 5

But this week we have:

-My laptop (for checking emails mostly, but also to get distracted by the internet and to maybe do a bit more series bible work later.)

-My Series Bible (you know the jist with that by now, it’s on my desk every day.)

-“C” candle (I’m obsessed with candles at the minute, they help me concentrate. This one I got from Asda.)

-A pine-scented candle (this was a gift from my American friend and I’ve been feeling slightly Christmasey lately so I’ve been lighting it.)

-A wicker basket of knitting (I’m making myself a Weasley-style jumper for Christmas [it’s totally okay to make yourself Christmas presents, right? 😛 ]. I’m about half way through knitting the back section at the moment and will probably knit whilst I wait for this email.)

-Dean Winchester Funko Pop Figure. (I’m actually at the end of my Funko Pop collection 😦 , so unless I repeat, this is the last Funko you’ll see on my desk.)

-A Winnie-the-Pooh mug full of coffee. (For whilst I wait.)

-#CurrentlyReading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. (I adore the film so thought it about time I give the book a try. Loving it so far.)

And that’s about it. Let me know what’s on your desk this week in the comments below and if anyone has any photography tips let me know too!



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