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#Whatsonmydesk 4

Every Monday I post What’s On My Desk.

Today is more of a housework day than anything else. A little writing to be done, but mostly fitting in some more planning in my series bible whilst I wait to hear back from my friend who’s currently reading my finished manuscript for book one.


So this week we have:

  • My Series Bible (as always. It rarely leaves my desk if I’m honest. It’s recently been kitted out with some fancy new Post-It durable tabs along the top so I can easily find the different sections for the different books in the series.)
  • An array of colourful pens (Papermate Inkjoy from Asda. I love them and they make writing so much more fun.)
  • Elsa Frozen Funko Pop Figure (Because what would a desk be without a Funko Pop each week?)
  • Sage Leaves (last week I mentioned gardening, well this week I’m trying to figure out what recipes I can use the plants in. Sage research to be done today.)
  • A cactus candle (this was a gift from a friend and I’d never light it. It’s just too pretty, but I like having it around.)
  • An old oil lamp (this was my Nan’s. The housework this week has turned up lots of things that I haven’t seen in a while, like this lamp. I just love it and it makes my desk feel more classic.)
  • A feather duster (I actually got this from Poundland, but it does the trick just fine. Trying to remember to keep on top of things like dusting and not just waiting until it’s so thick you can write your name in it!)
  • Shells (I can’t actually remember which beach these came from but I have a vase full of them with pebbles and sand. On hot days like this it reminds me of Cornwall where I went to university and makes me happy. I like to have them around as decoration.)
  • A tiny pair of scissors (I used these to cut the sage leaves, but I find them so adorable, another thing of my Nan’s that turned up this week. They actually fold away even smaller!)

So that’s about it this week. Let me know what your desk looks like this week? Anyone have any good sage recipes also? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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