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#WhatsOnMyDesk 3

Every Monday I post what’s on my desk.

Today was supposed to be a gardening day, but n one seems to have told the weather, so whilst I wait for the sun to (hopefully) come out, I thought I’d get another chapter done this morning.


This week, on my desk is:

-My new laptop (R.I.P my old battered thing, we’ll always have Microsoft Word.)

-Moss Rose plant (from Homebase. This week I’m redoing the front garden with plants that are actually alive and nice to look at. Lavender is already out there, today I’m adding some bedding plants and smaller flowers.)

-“c” candle (I love having a candle burning whilst I’m writing. I don’t know why it’s so satisfying. This one is from Asda.)

-Tarot Cards (for inspiration. Today’s chapter involves witches so I like to have things to hand that remind me of certain things.)

-Series Bible (can’t really write without it these days. It has everything that I need in there. Once it’s finished I’ll put up a post about setting one up, but most of the inspiration for mine came from a video by Kami Garcia. Link here)

-Sam Winchester Funko Pop figure (because what would a desk be without a Funko Pop?)

-Reusable Red Solo Cup of pens


So that’s it for this week. Let me know what’s on your desk this week in the comments below, or check out weeks 1 and 2.


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