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#WhatsOnMyDesk 2

Every Monday I’ll be posting #WhatsOnMyDesk.

This week is yet another Series Bible planning today (it’s pretty much all I can do whilst I wait to hear from my friends how much my novel does or does not suck).


This week we have:

-My Series Bible (slowly filling out like me at Christmas). It now has extra-wide (!) plastic dividers (from Amazon. Who knew those existed! I can now see them over the poly-pockets and I may have gotten a little over-excited)

-Trusty Reusable Red Solo Cup pen pot (a gift from my American Friend)

-Hexagon plant pot sticky-note holder (I love using things for different purposes than that which they were intended. I saw this plant pot in Poundland, and it was too pretty to ignore. Unfortunately I kill most plants, so it needed a different use. Coincidentally, my sticky-notes were looking for a home at the same time. A match made in (well Poundland). )

-Keep The Secrets badge (I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London a few weeks back and may have taken two of the free badges they hand out at the end of each half of the play. Seeing as how the Script was released yesterday I’ve been wearing it proudly.)

-Tenth Doctor Funko Pop Figure (obviously the best Doctor in Doctor who)

-My Bullet Journal (I’m obsessed with this thing. It’s the only way to keep me organised, I’m such a scatter-brain. Open on a typography page because I like to keep it pretty. “A smooth sea never made for a very skillful sailor”. Hand-drawn by me but copied from a Pinterest pin without a source, I wish I could give one.)

-A sage-scented Yankee Candle wax tartlet (A gift from my American friend again, but one that I use because I associate the smell with a certain character in my novel. I find it good when I’m writing about certain characters to be able to engage my other senses.)

-My Decoupaged Harry Potter purse (I made this, it was pretty simple, collecting images and typography from Pinterest, printing them out and then cutting and PVA glueing them to the pink PVC purse. I made it to take to the Cursed Child showing but ended up using a clutch bag on the nights instead. Still one of my favourite things I’ve ever made though.)


So that’s all for this week. Let me know what’s on your desk in the comments below and check out week one here.


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