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So every Monday I’ll be posting what’s on my desk (an idea borrowed from the amazing Kami Garcia’s blog).

Today is a Series Bible planning sort of day (an idea stolen from Pinterest that actually works!) so the things I mostly need are stationary and coffee. But here goes:


-New blue folder with the beginnings of my Series Bible already inside

-BRAND NEW BLUE HOLE PUNCH (I have a serious love for stationary, and that hole punch is so pretty! Both it and the folder are from Wilkos)

-Funko Pop figure of Ron Weasley in Dress Robes (for moral support)

-My writing notebook (this was a graduation gift from a friend and has a lovely handwritten dedication in the front. It’s sort of a travel version of my Series Bible)

-Post-it notes –very important.

-Swords & Sabres book (reference)

-The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (#CurrentlyReading for those breaks from planning)

-Book of Names (an Oxfam bookshop find for only 99p and already so useful!)

-Trusty Red Solo Cup pen pot (reusable red solo cup a gift from my friend in America. I have a soft spot for American pop culture)

-Light up “C” sign (on sale from T.K. Maxx a few months ago)


Let me know what’s on your desk this week!





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